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Bridal Hair… Up or down? Braids or twists, structured or loose? Lots of choice!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

When it comes to choosing your Bridal hair style are you going to wear it up or down Or somewhere in between? There is lots to take into consideration but my advice is to always look at the cut of your dress. A beautiful laced design at the back needs to be on display & not covered up by hair! If your style of dress is off the shoulder, a half up half down is very complimentary. Other things to take into consideration when choosing your Bridal hair design are your hair type & length, face shape, any parts you want covered, your neck, the colour of your hair & if you’re wearing a tiara & veil! ( I’ll cover hair accessories in a different blog!)

Different face shapes will suit certain styles, if your conscious of your ears then these can be covered, tattoos on the neck or upper back might want to be covered as well.

There are lots of things to think about which is why a Hair trial is a good idea.

Having over 20 years experience in the industry I know what will look good on you & I can advise on what will compliment your face shape, your dress & what will bring out your best Features!

As a hairdresser I can tell you if having some high lights will accentuate your chosen style & if you need a trim before your big day!

What about your Bridal Party? Are you letting them choose their own styles or do you have an image in mind for how you want them to have their hair?

Obviously this depends on what kind of hair they have, thickness & length but my advice is the Brides Hair has the WOW factor & the Bridesmaids hair compliments the Brides hair but NEVER out shines them!

There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing your Bridal Hair design & your Bridal Parties hair but it’s my job not only to make you look stunning on your big day but to also give you the best advice so you’re confident in what you’ve chosen!

If there’s a style that you have in mind, your dream Wedding day hair but you don’t have the hair type for it, maybe not enough length or thickness, don’t panic! There’s clip in extension, hair padding and lots of tricks to give your fuller hair.

I don’t do permanent hair extensions myself but I have artists I can recommend you to if this is what you were looking for & I can recommend the best places to buy clip in extensions.

Choosing your Bridal hair should be a fun & exciting experience! Once you have settled on your chosen style it will leave you super excited for your big day!

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